Distributed Acoustic Sensing

The Distributed Acoustic Sensing System of Infra Sensor Solutions is initially developed for applications in the oil and gas industry. The applications that are used there are especially guarding the well where oil and gas is extracted (sufficient pressure and water mixing), as well as monitoring the transport by pipelines (leakage and illegal wiretapping).

A development of these technical possibilities has resulted in a valuable application for providing insight into getting many important processes and activities, for example, of the railways, security and leakage of pipelines.

The unique feature of the solution is that the full fibre optic cable as sensor (microphone) is defined. The measurement system (Central measuring unit) is very robust and very suitable to be installed in a Cabinet next to the track or street beside the road.

Applicability DAS:

• Real-time monitoring of traffic movements with high accuracy for position and direction;
• Measure the exact length of trains;
• Detect what track the trains are located;
• Measuring the acceleration, speed loss, and slow down the trains;
• Observing wear or defective rails;
• Detecting wear on the train wheels or so-called block wheels;
• Giving early alarms at bills, by the predictability of calculated position, speed and time of arrival;
• Signalling of count activities, unauthorized presence (suicide attempts);
• Identification of copper theft;
• Monitors of pipelines;
• Monitoring the other communication cables in the same cable route;
• Identification of damage to bridges or tunnels;
• Identification of seismic movements or deposited debris on the track.

The potential for the railway operation and security is significant; especially when you realize that all these applications over the same fibre can be operationalized.