Distributed Temperature Sensing

The name says it all; the distributed measuring temperature gradient. Distributed Temperature Sensing provides continuous monitoring of temperature, a common and well-known method in the market of energy and in the offshore. The temperature measurement is also interesting for the reclamation of water sources and measuring distribution of liquids pipelines.

power_cable_with_embedded_fiberIt helps operators to optimize their transmission and distribution networks and thus to reduce their operational costs. The fiberglass is immune to electromagnetic interference and provides reliable temperature measurements, which is important in many industries.

Within the offshore, this technique is often used to monitor pipelines. When oil or gas is transported it can be monitored based on temperature that there is no leakage on the go, or illegally tapped.

Within the energy supplier market the ‘sensing fibre’ is or integrated in the power cable close to the conductors, or made on the outside of the cable. By measuring the temperature it can be optimized for the energy transportation network, which can perform a huge cost reduction.

At water extraction, from the source the quality of the water can be derived from the temperature at depth.