Fly-over Breda

Fly-Over Breda

projectenClose to the NAC football stadium we build our reference location. As a part of the total installation we applied several sensors to the existing fly-over. The configuration is build to determine the side pressure during passage of the train traffic on this fly-over. We installed both on the inside as on the outside a configuration of bragg sensors, to give insight about the total movement of the fly-over. By collecting information and building statistics our customers are able to predict the maintenance in the near future. We also measure the load of the fly-over, so we are able to compare this to the design parameters.

Example of what can be measured!

  • The weight of passing railway waggons;
  • The axle load of passing trains;
  • The unevenness in wheels of a train;
  • Movement of the fly-over (vertical and side pressure);
  • Timestamps of passing trains;
  • Number of waggons per train;
  • Train speed;
  • Et cetera.