Infra Sensor Solutions finishes work for Project Roof Monitoring in Wuppertal

Prinsenbeek, 7 February 2015– In September 2014 Infra Sensor Solutions comes in contact with GMW (Gebäude Management Wuppertal) to speak about a surveillance solution for snow loads on flat roofs. Since the confidence on both sides is pronounced, ISS started with designing a solution based on FBG (Fibre Bragg Grating) technology. After intensively changing ideas with GMW and the required constructor, a pilot is started in the Heckinghauser Sports Hall. The construction was renovated and at the same time, the by Infra Sensor Solutions designed monitoring system was installed. Witness the messages that have appeared in the press this innovative solution is a godsend for the buildings owner. There is no need to sent people to location for preventive cleaning of roofs during snowfall, as well as there is no need for annual Visual inspection anymore to find out the status of the construction, which yields an annual saving of many thousands of euros for GMW. Due to the success of this solution it is currently considered to supply other objects of a similar surveillance solution.

Infra Sensor Solutions signs a Weigh-in-Motion distribution agreement with Technogenika Ltd. from Moscow

Prinsenbeek, 1 January 2014-Technogenika is a progressive company in the Russian market for delivering optical sensor solutions. In this context, Infra Sensor Solutions signed a distribution agreement for the WIM-FO solution that is intended to be installed on the market together with BAM. Technogenika will take care of the distribution for the following markets: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.