Infra SENSOR Solutions offers the solution to obtain measurement information through fibre optic sensors.

The advantages lined up for the use of fibre optic and fibre optic sensors:

  • roodvinkjeReal-Time and On-Line information available;Schermafbeelding 2015-08-31 om 13.12.21
  • roodvinkjeNo electromagnetic interference, can be used in environments where conventional sensors cannot be used;
  • roodvinkjeNo power supply required at the measurement location;
  • roodvinkjeMultiple sensors on a single fibre;
  • roodvinkjeLong distances can easily be bridged (tenth of kilometers);
  • roodvinkjeRemote access to your information;
  • roodvinkjeSensors perform an enormous sensitivity and accuracy.


Fields of application:

  • roodvinkjeTunnels (fire-detection, traffic jam detection);DSC_0663
  • roodvinkjeBridges (load, bending, deformation);
  • roodvinkjeFly-overs (moving parts);
  • roodvinkjeTransitional structures;
  • roodvinkjeSettlement (dike monitoring, deformation);
  • roodvinkjeWeigh-in-Motion (axle-load on roads);
  • roodvinkjeRail-security;
  • roodvinkjeExchange monitoring railways;
  • roodvinkjePlatform security (signaling obstacles, suicide attempts);
  • roodvinkjeRoute monitoring (copper theft);
  • roodvinkjeMonitoring industrial areas (Intrusion Detection Systems).