R.O.T.S. Railway Observation and Tracking Solution

R.O.T.S. offers the possibility to detect activities Real-Time over a distance of about 50KM with an accuracy of 1 meter. The fibre optic cable will be used as the sensor. Big advantage is that the regular Single mode fibre (G652x) cable, as used in the data communication industry can be used. Infra Sensor Solutions is because of this able to connect her system to any existing ‘dark-fibre’, as is used as a standard backbone fibre. R.O.T.S. translates the reflection to an acoustic signal. Due to this connection acoustic sounds and vibrations can be detected, analysed and translated to valuable information. In the mean time we integrated the advanced algorithms to our solution. All over the world this solution is operational and therefor we can offer a proven solution!

The unique case to this solution is that the entire fibre will be defined as the sensor. The system (Central measurement unit) is very robust and extremely suitable to be installed in a street cabinet besides the main road or rail. If there is no opportunity to install the system near the route to measure, it can easily installed in to a different position. Because of the enormous distance we can cover it is easy to find a different nearby suitable location.

Infra Sensor Solutions is able to offer the next solutions in the worldwide railway industry:

Real-Time track and trace of trains with a high accuracy to position and direction;
Detecting the exact length of trains;
Detection of the rail position of trains;
Detection of acceleration, speed loss, and position of trains;
Detection of damage or failure of the rail;
Detection of damaged train wheels, of so called flat wheels;
Pre-alarming because of the predictability of position, speed and calculated arrival times;
Detection of digging activities, trespassing (suicide attempts);
Detection of theft activities;
Monitoring of additional communication cables on the same route;
Detection of damage on railway bridges or tunnels;
Detection of seismic movement or deposited debris.

The potential in the railway operation is significant, realizing that these applications are able to use one and the same fibre.