It is all in the name; Structural monitoring of the physical condition of infrastructural objects of installations.

A yearly check of your car, a periodical check of your health, a safety check of the plane before every take off, is part of normal behaviour. In the area of (railway) bridges, fly-overs, tunnels and several other types of infrastructural objects like GSM pylons, electricity pylons and windmills this is not the case.

Most important advantages of our solutions:

  • Real-Time information;
  • No power on location;
  • No interference;
  • Online access based on TCP/IP;
  • Accuracy on micrometre level;
  • NO resources for local inspection;
  • Big distance possible between system and object (up to 50KM);
  • Predictability of maintenance.

What can be measured?

  • Time
  • Speed passages
  • Bending
  • Recovery to it’s position
  • Deformation
  • Vibration
  • Vertical speed
  • Influence of use
  • Cracks
  • Material fatigue
  • Weight
  • Temperature
  • Settlement / movement


  • Bending (rail) bridges;
  • Vertical speed of bridges / fly-overs;
  • Monitoring energy pylons and windmills to critical bending position;
  • Impact of traffic increase to roads, bridges, fly-overs, et cetera;
  • Monitoring the construction of tunnels, sewers, roof-construction, aqua-ducts;
  • Monitoring of temperature (fire detection) in tunnels;
  • Monitoring of traffic flow.